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CALGARY — Bell Media is laying off employees, including prominent on-air personalities, at radio and TV stations across Canada.However, the company won’t say how many, who or where.

The teddy bear is now in Red’s office.“It’s a panda,” said Robinson.“I kept it, ’cause he didn’t want to take it on the train. It’s stupid the stuff I’ve held onto in a way, but it meant something to me.”Elvis’s teddy bear will probably wind up at the Museum of Vancouver, where Robinson is donating much of his collection.“I may keep a few things that I think my kids might want,” he said.“(But) they don’t want much.If no option has been selected, then an alert message will tell the user to select an option and the form will not submit the data until an option has been selected.Watch the video below and then scroll down to see the sample code.The union said the cuts mean the end of local sports broadcasts as of Dec.27 at CTV’s flagship station CFTO in Toronto, a move it claims has already been made at CTV stations in Edmonton, Calgary, and Montreal.

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For the last several years Robinson has held down a Sunday slot on CISL. But CISL was recently sold and will be changing formats from oldies to sports in September. The Lubbock, Texas native was killed in a plane crash on Feb. Holly had been a star for less than two years when he died.