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If the girl was successful, she accepted it as a price for stardom.

If she wasn't talented, then Tony unashamedly groomed, if not forced her onto the Game.

And in fact found it highly amusing that grown men and women would spend productive time misleading and ensnaring people into having their bottoms smacked; it was not as if they made any real money She was there for the express purpose of increasing her income by coercing one way or the other young women to become streetwalkers and escort ladies. But if the people she was involved with enjoyed spanking and beating, who was she to complain as long as she wasn't personally affected, others pain and misery were not her concern That fourth member of the group was an invited regular guest Honey Bradman, a Yankee woman she had recently moved into the area, and had been invited as a possible investor to join the inner circle; she was now a regular visitor to the top table.

None of the first three were involved personally, in the Club's illicit enterprise's, sensibly passing the risk to others.

To keep in with the law, the working whores were not allowed to be touched as they scurried back and forth delivering drinks in scantily clad topless waitress uniforms, only book appointments for later liaisons.

Nevertheless, in reality, the indignity of a grope, or a sharp slap on their rumps was part of their job spec.

Any girl found abusing this trust, could find herself in very serious trouble.

At the very least she would be instantly dismissed and, and the rental agreement for her apartment terminated along with a unspecified threat of police action for using the premises for immoral purposes However it was common knowledge that some girls disappeared for two or three days, during which time they were used by discipline minded punters, who paid extremely highly for the opportunity to give a lying, cheating Hooker a painful and humiliating lesson about deceitfulness.

Every opportunity being made to demonstrate just who their boss's were.

Many a budding Star had gone on stage with her arse stinging and red-hot, Aware that Tony promoted a good spanking as a psychological aid to an animated performance.

However many of the willing groupies he spanked and fucked in his office went on to become tarnished hookers.

The same faction also imported, Heroine, crack cocaine and occasionally where there could be created a demand Crystal meth's.

Graduating from, Army to Traffic warden, to Bailiff, to Debt collector.

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However, each had a little sideline that was dependent on them manipulating, and abusing those who were unfortunately addicted to various illegal substances The Club was staffed by girls who rented rooms and flats around the area to use for prostitution.

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