Programmatically updating with detailview row cannot be located for updating ado

Posted by / 21-Mar-2018 06:54

Here, all the Details View Data Grids up to second level will be expanded.

You can expand or collapse all the Details View Data Grid programmatically by using Expand All Details View and Collapse All Details View methods.

Follow the below steps to generate the Master-Details View for When relations are auto-generated, you can handle the Sf Data Grid.

Auto Generating Relations event to customize or cancel the Grid View Definition before they are added to the Sf Data Grid. Here, two relations are created from Master-Details View’s relation can be generated for Data Table, when Data Relation is defined between two tables in underlying Data Set.

This event receives two arguments where sender as Sf Data Grid and Details View Loading And Unloading Event Args which contains the following member.

Details View Data Grid - Gets the which is loaded into view.

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