Accomodating female and sex

Posted by / 29-Apr-2018 16:06

They need to know that they should not have to give in to a boy’s sexual demands in order to maintain a relationship; that any boy who makes such demands does not care for her as he should.

Fathers can model what real men do – they work, nurture people and help at home. So girls and boys both see a balanced view of adult relationships and responsibilities.

If you find that you are too embarrassed to talk about these things, you can arrange for a sibling or trusted older cousin or family friend to broach the subject; in fact, you can use these other sources to bolster what you and your child are already discussing.

What restrains a boy is having respect for a girl as a human being, and this is learned most strongly at home by how the father treats his wife and vice versa.Otherwise, peers may be filling in the knowledge gaps with incorrect information and questionable guidance that can lead to very risky behavior.It is all right to dread discussions about sexuality, but parents must be willing to communicate to their children.As much as teens need information and facts about sex, what they most need is an understanding of what their parents’ values are in regard to sexuality.Helping them to achieve intimate and satisfying romantic attachments is one of the most important lessons a parent can ever teach.

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